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Post-trip reflection

Sorry for not posting as much as I usually do… I wrote something on Facebook that pretty sums up what I’ve been thinking lately: Having a moment of conflicts between the inner and outer self about things as I took too many leaps on my path. That dream is getting closer but I’m completely going … Continue reading

New Orleans in a few days

I’m leaving Montreal Sunday night by bus and I’ll be arriving the next day in Toronto on Monday morning to catch my flight to New Orleans at 9 am. It’s going to be a long ride, and it’s the first time I’m going to another city to take my flight. It’s suppose to be cheaper until I have … Continue reading

Luxurious getaway: 5 days/ 4 nights at Grand Bahama island for $589!

Anyone planning to go on vacation? For $589, you can go to the Grand Bahama for 5 days with your significant other or just a bring a friend along with you. The only downside of this deal is that the Flight is not included. Here the link: http://escapes.livingsocial.com/deals/25749-5-days-on-grand-bahama-island

Everyday is a lesson

Last night, Karen and I came back from Québec by train. Initially, we were three (A guy name Simon, Karen and me) visiting Québec. Simon was suppose to be our tour guide for the whole trip because a few years ago, he attends a University in Québec and he knows the city quite well. As a result, he leads us to … Continue reading

Happy 20th birthday Marie!

Today, she’s turning 20! I’ve known her since she was a few months old and we’ve been hanging out for as long as I could remember. We stopped hanging out when we were in cegep, but when she came to University, we started hanging out more often. Hope you’ll have a blast and I’ll see … Continue reading

Québec City next Thursday!

I’m heading out to Québec city with Karen and her friend next Thursday. I’ve traveled with friends before but it was on a bus tour to Toronto for two days. This time, our tour guide will be her friend who lived in Québec city during his University years. Initially, Karen and I planned to go together … Continue reading


Hot Yoga: I finally found a deal on livingsocial for Hot Yoga at $25 for unlimited month at a Yoga center somewhere at Mont-Royal. I don’t know which month I will start yet but hopefully soon! I’m thinking of buying my own yoga mat. I can’t do that… yet. 🙂 Cooking: Going to start cooking again tonight! **UPDATE** I manage … Continue reading

New Orleans this Christmas

Food + Music + Beautiful architecture = My ideal place. I’m going to New Orleans this winter with a friend to celebrate Christmas!

My cooking experience in Yangshuo, China

I didn’t go into details about my backpacking trip but it does not mean my travel is less than meaningful. It was the best experience I had but when I got back home, life somehow distract me from thinking about my trip. I stopped by at a resort town called Yangshuo. This place is popular … Continue reading