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The process of growing up

Not much have been going on in my daily life at the moment. Many of the changes I’ve made have all been inside of me. In a matter of weeks of being away from my family, I could speak my mind more effortlessly. It’s funny how moving away from my family have a positive impact on the way … Continue reading

If love goes like…


I had a conversation with my aunt about my childhood. She told me I used to bump my head up and down, left and right whenever I hear music… I was about one or two years old. Didn’t I ever tell you? I want to dance whenever I hear a music I like. My next step after … Continue reading

Cooking session

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking at Karen’s appartment lately… Here what I’ve been making:


Every min, hour, day, week and month, I’ve become a little better than before and that’s how I envision my life to be; constant improvement. Life is much more meaningful that way and I feel so excited for what I will learning next. I’ve looked through pictures of the Japan disaster the past two days … Continue reading

Building a strong base

Lately, I’ve been living in other places temporary because of a recent incidence I have in my family and I decide to not live with them anymore. One of the reasons is thaat I felt I should move on to the next step of my life and I want to be better prepared for the future. … Continue reading

Janet Jackson concert in Toronto

I’m sorry for not updating this sooner but a lot of things have been happening the past few days and I’m currently in the moment of transition. The concert was last Sunday:   I was really happy I was less than 1 meter away from her so I got nice shots of her. Here are some of … Continue reading

Fooling around while you’re studying…

When boredom strikes… Here what you can do:

Taking on more responsibilities

As days passed, I feel like a kid. Strange… But whenever I hear people talk about school and grades, I get a bit disconnected. Not because I don’t understand what they are talking about but I somehow zone out. My marketing group was talking about classes they were talking… Good but what else? Am I … Continue reading

Happy Women’s day!

To all the beautiful women out there who are strong, independent and loving, this day is a dedication to us all. “Women of all different shapes, sizes and colors are beautiful.” Believe you are beautiful, successful and loved. You all deserve to follow your dream in life and to be recognize as equal and important … Continue reading