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Crash and burn… Getting back up slowly after

Here I am just thinking, what did I do all summer? I spent the month of May living by myself at Atwater metro. Other than not having a job when I left the house, I have a hard time talking with people and let alone, trust them. How did it happen? Usually, I don’t have … Continue reading

Venturing into the unknown

‘People that never see you in a better light, leave em. Keep the ones who see the potentials in you.’ – My Facebook status My new friends taught me a lot about life… and both of them gave me the guidance I needed to continue on. It’s crazy how much things have been going on in the past … Continue reading

My life

The past weeks, I’ve been going through ups and downs. I’ve change into a person who actually living my life instead of watching life passing by. Sometimes, I wonder what my family back in South Shore is doing and if I am able to survive out there on my own. At the end of this … Continue reading

The process of growing up

Not much have been going on in my daily life at the moment. Many of the changes I’ve made have all been inside of me. In a matter of weeks of being away from my family, I could speak my mind more effortlessly. It’s funny how moving away from my family have a positive impact on the way … Continue reading


I had a conversation with my aunt about my childhood. She told me I used to bump my head up and down, left and right whenever I hear music… I was about one or two years old. Didn’t I ever tell you? I want to dance whenever I hear a music I like. My next step after … Continue reading


Every min, hour, day, week and month, I’ve become a little better than before and that’s how I envision my life to be; constant improvement. Life is much more meaningful that way and I feel so excited for what I will learning next. I’ve looked through pictures of the Japan disaster the past two days … Continue reading

Building a strong base

Lately, I’ve been living in other places temporary because of a recent incidence I have in my family and I decide to not live with them anymore. One of the reasons is thaat I felt I should move on to the next step of my life and I want to be better prepared for the future. … Continue reading

Taking on more responsibilities

As days passed, I feel like a kid. Strange… But whenever I hear people talk about school and grades, I get a bit disconnected. Not because I don’t understand what they are talking about but I somehow zone out. My marketing group was talking about classes they were talking… Good but what else? Am I … Continue reading

Searching for inspirations and my future career

Getting closer to 22 in about three months and I want to do something in my life that is productive and that will help me get started on deciding on a career very soon. I am planning to volunteer in an organic farm this summer for two weeks somewhere in Canada or the US. Why? … Continue reading

The best quality a person can have

Tomorrow, I’m leaving for Toronto by bus around 9 pm to take my flight to New Orleans at 9 am. I already pack most of my clothes but I’m not sure if I’m bringing a duffel bag or a suitcase with me. I’m staying there for four days and I have a little idea of where and what I’m gong to … Continue reading