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Time to grow up

Some people define growing up as giving up on their dream… Some people define growing up as living the 9 to 5 life… Some people define growing up as giving up their child side… My definition of growing up is reaching my dream by acting upon it other than thinking about it, learning to stop … Continue reading

Take me anywhere.

One of my favourite moment while travelling is getting lost in my thought while the train (or any form of transportation) take me somewhere… Window view while flying On the Trans-Mongolian train heading to Ulanbator, Mongolia. The sunset outside of my compartement window on the Trans-mongolian train

Homemade brunch

My first homemade brunch last Saturday was a success! I bought 30$ worth of food to treat Eric and me… Not bad 😛

The past remains the past… Right? I thought so but…

Why is it so easy to care what other people think of you? Simply… What if you’ve been taught to care for years? How easy is it to uncared? Not easy when you hang around the people who keeps talking about he/she said about you, he/she thinks about you and all that bullcraps that bring nothing … Continue reading

After some hiatus… I’m back!

Here I am again blogging… Hopefully, this blog will be a keeper! University starts in a month and here I am again doing nothing but staring on the computer screen all day daydreaming about the things I could or should do… Maybe I should take a class or something or… go watch a movie in … Continue reading