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Every min, hour, day, week and month, I’ve become a little better than before and that’s how I envision my life to be; constant improvement. Life is much more meaningful that way and I feel so excited for what I will learning next. I’ve looked through pictures of the Japan disaster the past two days … Continue reading

Janet Jackson concert in Toronto

I’m sorry for not updating this sooner but a lot of things have been happening the past few days and I’m currently in the moment of transition. The concert was last Sunday:   I was really happy I was less than 1 meter away from her so I got nice shots of her. Here are some of … Continue reading

Happy Women’s day!

To all the beautiful women out there who are strong, independent and loving, this day is a dedication to us all. “Women of all different shapes, sizes and colors are beautiful.” Believe you are beautiful, successful and loved. You all deserve to follow your dream in life and to be recognize as equal and important … Continue reading

Edible flowers

My brother made this on Valentine day. He made a bigger one for his girlfriend and this one was for my mom’s coworker to bring home to his girlfriend.

Happy Valentine day!

Happy 20th birthday Marie!

Today, she’s turning 20! I’ve known her since she was a few months old and we’ve been hanging out for as long as I could remember. We stopped hanging out when we were in cegep, but when she came to University, we started hanging out more often. Hope you’ll have a blast and I’ll see … Continue reading

Lauryn Hill at Metropolis 23/01/11

I finally get to see Lauryn Hill at Metropolis last Sunday. The door opens at 9:30 pm and the show starts at 12:30. Three hours of killing time with Eric… but I forgave her when she came on stage. Her voice may not sound like it used to be in the 90’s but she’s still a great … Continue reading

No more expensive concerts

At least for a really long while… I bought Janet Jackson concert ticket in Toronto this coming March 13th!! Yes, I’m going to be really broke soon. T_T I promise myself this time I won’t buy anymore expensive tickets for the longest time but I can tell you this. My life is complete! I love the Jacksons. Seeing … Continue reading

Ted Williams: the man with the golden voice

I saw an interview just recently  of Ted Williams, a homeless with a golden voice who was discovered on YouTube this week. I’m really happy he got a second chance to get out of the street to do something with his life and the attention he received from the audience is amazing. With the nonesense we have nowadays … Continue reading

Happy New Year

Now that 2010 is over, 2011 is another year of adventure! A reminiscense of the changes I’ve made in my life in 2010: 1. I switch from 100% chemical skincare product to almost 100% natural. 2. I went to see a therapist to talk about my family problems and learn how to overcome the obstacles in my life. … Continue reading