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Québec City next Thursday!

I’m heading out to Québec city with Karen and her friend next Thursday. I’ve traveled with friends before but it was on a bus tour to Toronto for two days. This time, our tour guide will be her friend who lived in Québec city during his University years. Initially, Karen and I planned to go together but her friend wants to go back there because he missed the city. He’ll be joining us and he`will show us around. I say the more the merrier! It’s always better to have someone who knows the place well to show us around.

In the future, I’ll be travelling a lot and I have to find ways to reduce some of the expenses on my travels. One of the major expenses I noticed that eat up a big part of my budget is the food expense, I’m thinking of eating in much more than eating out for the next trips.

During my Québec trip, we are going to try to cut back on our food spending by eating in at the hostel. Also, I’m going to travel more in Québec and probably to the US too. For the US, I am going to look for coupons online to reduce my grocery bills. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

 The past few days, I’ve looked at my Chinese cooking book I bought in Yangshuo and I looked up the internet for receipes idea. I can say now that I’m much more comfortable with cooking and experimenting with food.



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