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Happy belated birthday to an old friend of mine

William C. just turned 21 yesterday! We knew each others since the 4th grade and I can’t believe that we almost grew up together. We didn’t talk the last few years in High school and maybe the most part in College, but we hang out together this summer just like the old times. I just want … Continue reading

Leaving for Alaska

I’ll be leaving for Vancouver tomorrow around 4 or 5 am to take the plane and from there take the cruise to Alaska… Yes, I’m leaving THAT early. Usually I wake up around 11 or 12 ish and go to work at 3pm so waking up at 3 am will be a bit hard. My luggage … Continue reading

Hello there~

This is the blog where I write everything and usually whatever interest me at the moment will be the topic of the day. If my day was anything close to interesting to talk about; I will write it here. My English is not that good but there’s always room for improvement by reading books and … Continue reading