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Venturing into the unknown

‘People that never see you in a better light, leave em. Keep the ones who see the potentials in you.’ – My Facebook status My new friends taught me a lot about life… and both of them gave me the guidance I needed to continue on. It’s crazy how much things have been going on in the past … Continue reading

Don’t let the emotions get the best of you

I mention about my scam incidence from last post while I was visiting my second apartment  on Verdun metro near Sherbrooke street. Here is my story:  While I was talking with the superintendent and the tenants of the apartment I wanted, my intuition was sending me red signals from left to right because a lot of … Continue reading

Gaining more knowledge in life

After spending time with my room mate best friends, I realized I’ve been living in my bubble and I occasionally get out of it. However, I realized if I want to be out there in the world, I have to acquire more experiences and more knowledge of the world. As I grow older, it’s not an excuse of not … Continue reading

My life

The past weeks, I’ve been going through ups and downs. I’ve change into a person who actually living my life instead of watching life passing by. Sometimes, I wonder what my family back in South Shore is doing and if I am able to survive out there on my own. At the end of this … Continue reading