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Day to day

Gaining more knowledge in life

After spending time with my room mate best friends, I realized I’ve been living in my bubble and I occasionally get out of it. However, I realized if I want to be out there in the world, I have to acquire more experiences and more knowledge of the world. As I grow older, it’s not an excuse of not knowing anything… We have the ressources available everywhere (mainly the internet) and it’s not a good excuse of not knowing.

The past few weeks have been a life changing experience. First of all, I’ve been looking for my apartment around Montreal and I almost got scam once. Not the best experience but it has been a journey of education for me. Then I attend a few underground shows and a Hip Hop class, it was different but I love it neverthless.

Overall, the experiences I’m having have shaped me into a better person every day. I am looking forward to move out, work, dance and just… Enjoy life the way I envision it.

Can’t wait till summer… Lots of things coming up! 🙂

Until then, wish me luck for my finals. 😉



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