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Cheap yet effective ways to take care of the skin

1. Drink more water. Obvious yet not everyone will drink at least 8 glasses (2L) of water everyday. The benefit on the skin in the long term is enormous, try it for two weeks and you’ll see result. Do this for 21 days, and it becomes a habit. ūüėČ 2. Exercise. Feel the blood rushing … Continue reading

Shifting the blame to others

If I was to blame my parents for my upbringing and my lack of oral communications skill, life would be easy living in total¬†denial for just a few moments. Reality will hit me sooner or later if I don’t change and¬†I will be known as the impossible person to be around and work with. I … Continue reading

Next destination: Mont-Tremblant

My Québec portofolio will start from Mont-Tremblant. Autumn is, in my opinion, the best season to see Mont-Tremblant. Why? Look out for pictures in a few weeks to come! *cross fingers that this trip will happen*

Do you know…

all the¬†hatred you feel toward a person¬†is draining your energy and make you less productive in life? It’s funny to be watching a person hating on another they barely know. First impression counts but do keep an open mind that a person might not be what they first appear to be. If you insist they … Continue reading

Cute casual

I would probably dress someone like this I don’t know if I can pull this off because it looks too¬†young¬†for me.¬†It would be great if someone else can pull this off because it’s cute.

Let your imagination runs wild

If¬†I have unlimited wardrobe options…

Shopping: Back to basics

Last friday, I went shopping for some¬†funky tops and skirts. Total spend: $70 This friday, I went shopping for the basics (denim jacket, long black scoop neck top and a v top t-shirt). Total spend: $130 A lot of changes I’ve gone through in my life are mostly reflected¬†with the way I dress. Even if¬†we’re … Continue reading

Love me for all my imperfections and accept me for who I am.

Yesterday, I stumble on my old crush in the bus. Seeing him now, I never understand why I see the appeal in him. He is very skinny, cute, spoiled, very young looking (he almost looks like a 10 years old) and his voice sounds like he has not reach puberty yet. I guess I like … Continue reading

Freshman 15, here I come!

Freshman =¬†New student¬†in a new school 15 = gain 15 pounds Get it? I’ve been eating out a lot since I start University. Yeah, time to hit the gym soon haha…

The art of conversation

One of the particular thing that intrigue me about people I see everyday is how easy¬†some can carry a conversation with a stranger.¬†What amazed¬†me more is¬†how¬†easily they make¬†others feel at ease in their presence. What is the secret? Being comfortable with ourselves (the way you talk and your body language¬†will show)¬†and make others feel the … Continue reading