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My new cleanser

I started washing my face with Manuka honey two days ago. I started washing only at night and today, I’m going to wash my face twice only with Manuka honey for a week to see how it goes. This idea came up when I was reading on highonhealth.org about using natural honey to wash your face because it’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral and … Continue reading

Shopping mode

My first purchases of the year are: a textbook for statistic, a red/black scarf, two black cardboards and two index cards. Last purchases in 2010 are: a white h&m bag, a grey scarf and a yoga mat. This week, I’m trying to buy some of my school books for a lot cheaper than the bookstore price. About the Aldo boots, $200 … Continue reading

My natural skincare story

I’m trying to fit this into my blogging because I seem to have something to talk about everyday. It all started out when I attend an event held outside McGill campus last year where I saw a stand where a lady was selling natural products. At that time, I already had skin problems and I … Continue reading

Sleeping late

It’s 2:18 pm and I just woke up a few minutes ago… Ooooh. I have to get back to my regular sleeping schedule soon! Here is a slow and smooth version of “Bag Lady” by Erykah Badu. For the next days to come, I’ll be covering my skincare regime, the nutcracker show, food from all over the world part 2 and … Continue reading

Skincare: From chemical to natural

Those days are gone when I rely too much on chemical to take care of my skin… Natural products are taking much more places in my life. My next post will be dedicate to my history of skincare. I received my raw chocolate today!! Woooohooo!

Lush enzymion moisturizer

The reason why I bought this moisturizer was simply…I ran out out of Bee Yummy cream and none was available on Bee Yummy store or on highonhealth.org. I decide to go for plan B and bought this at the Lush store. My skin can get really oily during the day and this has help me … Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

I’m hoping to get my hands on tickets to see the Rocky Horrorr show tonight! *cross fingers* I bought a Lush moisturizer called Enzymion to solve my oily skin problem. Will review about it later…

100% natural? Maybe not…

These days, I’m buying… – Natural tea tree oil shampoo – Natural LUSH soap bar – Natural cleanser, toner and moisturizer – Natural body moisturizer Am I going all natural? Maybe… I use less chemical on my skin = less worry about what things I’m putting on my skin. Lately, I’ve been buying Fig and leaves soap bar from LUSH to shower everyday. … Continue reading

Being a woman

I always admire women… The ones who oozes class and intelligence. They intrigue me with their confidence, it’s very sensual and sexy. I hope to be like them someday ~ Here are some women I admire very much: Tamia: Lauryn Hill: Beyonce: Divine Brown: Christina Aguilera:

Cheap yet effective ways to take care of the skin

1. Drink more water. Obvious yet not everyone will drink at least 8 glasses (2L) of water everyday. The benefit on the skin in the long term is enormous, try it for two weeks and you’ll see result. Do this for 21 days, and it becomes a habit. 😉 2. Exercise. Feel the blood rushing … Continue reading