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Personal thinking

Venturing into the unknown

‘People that never see you in a better light, leave em. Keep the ones who see the potentials in you.’ – My Facebook status

My new friends taught me a lot about life… and both of them gave me the guidance I needed to continue on. It’s crazy how much things have been going on in the past two months. I remember on the night I left the house, my intuition was telling me that everything is going to be alright and something good will come in my way… I don’t know what it was exactly. After travelling all summer and going to New Orleans last February, A few days after my New Orleans trip, I was looking through pictures of myself from the past years and I’ve been asking to myself if I was actually living the life I wanted. What I learned is that I realized, life is never going to turn out how I picture it and that part of the unknown is what has keeps me growing. You learn through the experiences you went through, especially the ones that have been something you want to do and you aren’t sure if it was going to happen the way you expect it to be or it is going to be an entirely different thing. The lesson you learn will either be positive or negative, depends how you approach on these experiences.

I guess at the moment, I realized that I’ve been spending a lot of years doubting myself and I haven’t done much in the past years after my Vancouver trip back in 2005 and my Morocco trip back in 2008 to call this life of mine fulfilling. In another way, I mean to say that I’ve been pretty proactive in my choice of going with the flow in life instead of going against it but it’s not enough especially when my growth has kept going on ever since my summer trip last year. It’s never too late people say but I guess I’m a little impatient. However, it does not mean I do not enjoy the present, I do. I’m only 21 they say, but there are plenty of opportunities out there I want to get. I felt like I miss out on a lot of things in life but I did a lot for my age, but it’s not enough!!

The best thing I can say now is that I quit my long time job at Tim Horton’s last summer and I decided to take a shot of what the unknown has for me. So far, it has stirs me into the right direction. I can’t talk too much about it yet but things are looking up pretty nicely.

I would like to mention that I’ve been put down on a lot of people who can’t see me for anything thing else other than the girl who has not much going on in her life. I guess at a certain point, it is true but a lot of things have changed since then.



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