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Everyday is a lesson

Last night, Karen and I came back from Québec by train. Initially, we were three (A guy name Simon, Karen and me) visiting Québec. Simon was suppose to be our tour guide for the whole trip because a few years ago, he attends a University in Québec and he knows the city quite well. As a result, he leads us to … Continue reading

Happy 20th birthday Marie!

Today, she’s turning 20! I’ve known her since she was a few months old and we’ve been hanging out for as long as I could remember. We stopped hanging out when we were in cegep, but when she came to University, we started hanging out more often. Hope you’ll have a blast and I’ll see … Continue reading

Being more responsible with my money

Yesterday, I decided to sell my books to cegep students and online to get rid of the clutter in my room. I’ve sold one book so far and I’m waiting for the next few days to see if I can sell them all or I’ll sell them online. Instead of getting books for new now, I’m going to … Continue reading

My new cleanser

I started washing my face with Manuka honey two days ago. I started washing only at night and today, I’m going to wash my face twice only with Manuka honey for a week to see how it goes. This idea came up when I was reading on highonhealth.org about using natural honey to wash your face because it’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral and … Continue reading

Lauryn Hill at Metropolis 23/01/11

I finally get to see Lauryn Hill at Metropolis last Sunday. The door opens at 9:30 pm and the show starts at 12:30. Three hours of killing time with Eric… but I forgave her when she came on stage. Her voice may not sound like it used to be in the 90’s but she’s still a great … Continue reading

Cooking Chinese food

Another easy receipe from my Chinese cookbook! 🙂 Next post: Lauryn Hill’s concert!

Guide de conscience verte

A friend show me this interesting booklets of coupons for ecological and ethical friendly business around the Montreal area. http://conscienceverte.ca/ The booklet cost $20. What’s included is that you get free unlimited week of hot yoga and different classes, and tons of rebates of more than 50% off from local businesses that promote environment consciousness products. In my opinion, … Continue reading

Refreshing the whole look

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to change my style lately. One of the things I want to do first is to change my hairstyle, I’m going to cut it very short to add more personality to my overall look. I’m thinking of going either on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. The biggest change I’ll be making is to stop cutting … Continue reading

Québec City next Thursday!

I’m heading out to Québec city with Karen and her friend next Thursday. I’ve traveled with friends before but it was on a bus tour to Toronto for two days. This time, our tour guide will be her friend who lived in Québec city during his University years. Initially, Karen and I planned to go together … Continue reading

No more expensive concerts

At least for a really long while… I bought Janet Jackson concert ticket in Toronto this coming March 13th!! Yes, I’m going to be really broke soon. T_T I promise myself this time I won’t buy anymore expensive tickets for the longest time but I can tell you this. My life is complete! I love the Jacksons. Seeing … Continue reading