Mon Québec portofolio

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Everyday is a lesson

Last night, Karen and I came back from Québec by train. Initially, we were three (A guy name Simon, Karen and me) visiting Québec. Simon was suppose to be our tour guide for the whole trip because a few years ago, he attends a University in Québec and he knows the city quite well. As a result, he leads us to … Continue reading


In Autumn, Mont-Tremblant is one of the best places in Quebec to go. The surrounding covering with colorful maple trees from the mountain view is so beautiful! After seeing so much green this summer, it’s a nice welcome change. My friend and I don’t have enough time to climb to the top, we only got there half way. Neverthless, we still have a nice … Continue reading

“Mon Québec” portefolio

Something hits me today… Pretty obvious. I haven’t took a lot of pictures of Quebec places; my birth place. I’m always looking out at other countries to see something different from here when I have not yet see the real Quebec and the real Montreal (my city). I made myself a goal to take pictures of my surrounding … Continue reading