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Bee Yummy Skinfood and others

I ordered Samples of the Bee Yummy skin food that Fran has been using. Here is the review: http://www.highonhealth.org/the-best-moisturizer-for-acne-prone-skin-bee-yummy-skinfood%E2%84%A2/ This Monday, I received the sample and I’ve been putting some on my skin day and night after using my cleanser (Cetaphil). My skin is getting a bit better but I think I am in the … Continue reading

As I grow…

You tell me to change… You get mad if I don’t change… You get angry… You end up being depressed… You accuse me that I am the root of your unhappiness… You hate me… You tell other people how bad I am… You get even more depressed… In the end, you just end up hurting yourself. … Continue reading

Lesson learned

The constant sun exposure last summer without sunscreen is one of the main cause of my sudden breakouts. How stupid of me? No wonder my skin is having so much problems lately… I am slowly recovering. Hopefully, I will be back with lots of things to talk about! One of the lesson I learned throughout my … Continue reading