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Don’t let the emotions get the best of you

I mention about my scam incidence from last post while I was visiting my second apartment  on Verdun metro near Sherbrooke street.

Here is my story:

 While I was talking with the superintendent and the tenants of the apartment I wanted, my intuition was sending me red signals from left to right because a lot of things were wrong. One of them is that the tenants living there were acting strange especially the girlfriend who is trying to lure me into taking the apartment.

My answer after visiting the apartment was: Yes, I’ll take it. The apartment is beautiful.

It really was pretty to be honest but it must be the way they decorate the big room. It doesn’t even look like a 1 1/2 apartment because the place is so huge. However, when I was about to leave, the woman tenant was looking at me with troubling eyes while she closes the door. I didn’t know what was going on but my intuition was telling me that something isn’t right but I persist on continuing to follow the tenant (doh!).

When we got upstairs, she knocks into someone doors and mumbling something at the guy. The teant near the entrance door was looking at me strangely and the guy who came in from the entrance was also looking at me weirdly. I got really scared… I brush it off again (Big mistake).

When we got out, I decided to test her and ask about the mail box. She seems very irritated when I ask her that question and we headed to another apartment next door. In my head, I was wondering why the hell are we doing in another apartment? I decided to call my room mate best friend about the apartment and she told me to ask her if there are others beside me who wants the apartment. When I hang up, I ask her the questions and she said yes while passing me a paper to fill my information out. I notice that they were asking personal questions such as bank account, social security number and no written rules or anything that looks like a lease. And I have to pay half the rent for the first month of July. While filling out my name and other general information, I ask her what type of person is renting the apartment.

Here how the conversation goes:

She said: A retired old black man.

I said: Yeah, did he sign the lease?

She: No. He is in the process of negotiating with the owner.

I said: Will I be guaranteed the apartment?

She: No, if the guy gets it. You won’t.

I: Then why should I pay you half the balance and sign the lease if I’m not guaranteed an apartment?

She: If you get the apartment, we’ll call you.

I: If I don’t, will I get my money back?

She: Yes.

I: What if I decide not to take the apartment?

She: We keep the money.

I (got aggressive): It doesn’t make sense that I won’t be guaranteed an apartment even if I pay half of it and if I decide not to get it, then I’m not getting my money back? What is this?

She (feels intimitated): ….

I: Can I talk to the landlord about this? I want to speak to him now please.

She: No, you can’t. It’s… euh… private.

I: What are you talking about? He owns the place and I should be able to meet with him.

Then that goes on and I was literally chocking her with my questions and my demands to talk to the owner, I got to the point that I was questioning from her and I get no answers but a groan from her. Well, I got to talk to the fake landlord on the phone but my emotions got the best of me. Instead of rationalizing with my head that he doesn’t seem like a tenant to me, I talk to him convincing him that I want the apartment and the girl was happy that I was convince. I signed the lease without my personal information. Well… Effing big mistake. If I only know that a lease could lead me into suing me for not meeting my obligations as a tenant, I wouldn’t have sign it. Good thing she told me that I don’t need to pay up the half rent because I already decide not to.

Still… My emotions took over and I was literally asking her for the apartment. My emotion was telling me, I am looking for a place to call my home and that place was nice. I didn’t sign anything but the general information on where I am living and where I work. If I have gotten anything further than that, I would’ve gotten scam big time.

The meeting ends up of her telling me she’ll call me. When I got back to my friend’s apartment, I talk with my room mates and they said it was a scam. My intuition was right from the start but I let the emotion get to me. A few hours later, I decide to call her to say I don’t want the apartment and I want it to the thrown away please.

Was I stupid? Hell ya.

Can I explain please?

I guess that emotions I felt were wanting security. A place where I can feel at home… It was just that. My family never provides me that comfort of actually being at home and that place felt like home. Little do I know that I was at the right time to look for an apartment in Montreal. My room mate told me if I don’t get along with people in the building, then I should not take it. I was totally desperated for a place to call my home that I sign the lease because I was looking for a place to stay. Yeah, I was being stupid.

I pray everyday that this incidence won’t come back to bite me. There was no written consent or anything on the paper. Geez… Lucky as hell!

Lesson learned: Don’t let the emotions gets the best of you. Seriously… Don’t.

I know I did and thank god it wasn’t anything serious. Prove that I don’t know much about life as I should be but it was a big lesson to learn. Glad, it won’t put me in a bad situation at this moment of my life.

 Now that I know better, I’m going to look for other apartments this weekend. Wish me luck!

Here is a good news after this effin post, I got a temporary job as a survey calling.




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