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Loving the simple things in life

Lately, I’ve been blogging about going on shows, trying new food, trying new things and just about anything that sounds like everything I do cost something. Rest assure, I don’t have such an expensive taste… Only lately. Hehe! I do take pleasure in the simple and unexpensive things life offer to me and I would like to dedicate the last post of the … Continue reading

My tea obsession

I was not much of a tea fan during the beginning of the year but a friend I met in Mongolia who is a tea obsess rub it on me. I love teas and I’m obsessed with Moroccan mint tea, green tea and Chaï tea right now. The mint tea reminds me a lot of … Continue reading


Hot Yoga: I finally found a deal on livingsocial for Hot Yoga at $25 for unlimited month at a Yoga center somewhere at Mont-Royal. I don’t know which month I will start yet but hopefully soon! I’m thinking of buying my own yoga mat. I can’t do that… yet. 🙂 Cooking: Going to start cooking again tonight! **UPDATE** I manage … Continue reading

2011 New Years resolution

There is something fun about making New Years resolutions… I’m going to make them here and blog about them during the year 2011 to see if I can follow through. Inspired and taken from the Brave New Traveler’s facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/notes/brave-new-traveler/100-new-years-resolutions-for-2011/487705141480 The * is my own resolution. Grow: 1. Learn a new language: Mandarin or… Arabic or both 🙂 … Continue reading

Don’t play games

Falling in love…I remember there is always the excitement of being in love. Until we realize, it is just a phase in every starts of a relationship. How to stay in love and keep that spark alive?  What if the reasons they fell for each others in the first place wasn’t love at all but manipulations?  Over the past weeks, I talk to people close to me. One … Continue reading

Merry Christmas to you all

It’s nice to hear people talk about what they do on Christmas Eve. My family doesn’t celebrate anything other than Chinese New Year and my family’s birthday because it’s not part of their culture. As I grow older, it doesn’t bother me anymore because I know that I can find places where they celebrate Christmas … Continue reading

Going with the flow in life

Lately, I’ve been having some issues with my family. I tried to control a bit my family situation but it isn’t that easy. In the end, I felt unhappy and all these negative energies started to come out making others unhappy as well. When I arrived at my aunt house, I wanted to relieve myself all these negative energies … Continue reading

New activity: Yoga

I didn’t do hot yoga yesterday because I felt sore everywhere… The good sore!. I will go back next Monday to do it again so I’m excited!! Definitely going to buy a book on the different yoga positions so I can do it at home for free when my one week membership is over. I’ll be looking closely on … Continue reading

Upcoming shows

I enjoy my experience at the Place-des-arts a few days ago and I’m going back! I bought tickets for my sister and I to see “Kodo” A Japanese drumming troupe who will be performing in March: Here is the definition of Kodo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kodo_(taiko_group I finally bought tickets for Lauryn Hill show on January 23rd next … Continue reading

I lost myself for a moment

Since finals started, I’ve been isolating myself from the world by studying at home more often. I guess it really has a negative impact on me because for the past few days, I was lost in how I interact with people. My relationship with my family isn’t great and it has impacted in how I … Continue reading