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Crash and burn… Getting back up slowly after

Here I am just thinking, what did I do all summer? I spent the month of May living by myself at Atwater metro. Other than not having a job when I left the house, I have a hard time talking with people and let alone, trust them. How did it happen? Usually, I don’t have … Continue reading

Stop thinking and start living

I have this nasty habit of mine where I’m always thinking… The way I interact with people, the way they react to what I say and the way they are. It got to the point that I get paranoid a bit on things that shouldn’t matter. However, I feel that I have to change this … Continue reading

Reinventing myself while having fun at the same time

I haven’t been up-to-date with my blog lately because I’ve been busy searching for jobs, attending dance classes and catching up with friends. At the same time, I’m trying to adjust to the whole living on your own and doing summer school study. So far, it has been two beautiful months full of experiences and … Continue reading

Dancing is my new drug

I started street jazz three weeks ago and I am addicted… Like literally. I can’t say I know how to dance yet… It is much harder than many thinks but I can say I’ve improved each class. On the other hand, I realized that I have a lot of troubles with the music and keeping up … Continue reading

Venturing into the unknown

‘People that never see you in a better light, leave em. Keep the ones who see the potentials in you.’ – My Facebook status My new friends taught me a lot about life… and both of them gave me the guidance I needed to continue on. It’s crazy how much things have been going on in the past … Continue reading

Don’t let the emotions get the best of you

I mention about my scam incidence from last post while I was visiting my second apartment  on Verdun metro near Sherbrooke street. Here is my story:  While I was talking with the superintendent and the tenants of the apartment I wanted, my intuition was sending me red signals from left to right because a lot of … Continue reading

Gaining more knowledge in life

After spending time with my room mate best friends, I realized I’ve been living in my bubble and I occasionally get out of it. However, I realized if I want to be out there in the world, I have to acquire more experiences and more knowledge of the world. As I grow older, it’s not an excuse of not … Continue reading

My life

The past weeks, I’ve been going through ups and downs. I’ve change into a person who actually living my life instead of watching life passing by. Sometimes, I wonder what my family back in South Shore is doing and if I am able to survive out there on my own. At the end of this … Continue reading

The process of growing up

Not much have been going on in my daily life at the moment. Many of the changes I’ve made have all been inside of me. In a matter of weeks of being away from my family, I could speak my mind more effortlessly. It’s funny how moving away from my family have a positive impact on the way … Continue reading

If love goes like…