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New Orleans this Christmas

Food + Music + Beautiful architecture = My ideal place. I’m going to New Orleans this winter with a friend to celebrate Christmas! Advertisements

Back to cooking + raw food!

I’ll be doing more cooking in the future and learn more about raaaw food! My cooking goal: make “delicious” stew and soups. Perfect for the cold season! I love raw food but I can’t eat it all the time because it’s expensive for my current budget. I bought my skincare at Fran’s shop again and found out she is selling … Continue reading

Body languages

I always forget that body languages are as important as having good communication skills. Without both, we just look like we’re contradicting ourselves, I’m guilty of it. Sometimes, being shy can come off as either snobbish or arrogant or just someone that doesn’t want to talk. I remember seeing my dad talking to me and turning … Continue reading

To be not complicated

I get comments like “You are hard to live with” and “you’re complicated” by my own godbrother and he is right. I can come off as a person hard to live with because I lack responsabilities and I still act like a kid. I don’t create dramas but sometimes, I can come off a bit childish on some situations. From … Continue reading

My cooking experience in Yangshuo, China

I didn’t go into details about my backpacking trip but it does not mean my travel is less than meaningful. It was the best experience I had but when I got back home, life somehow distract me from thinking about my trip. I stopped by at a resort town called Yangshuo. This place is popular … Continue reading

I can breath better… Finally.

A few days ago, I finally got rid of the old mismatch night table that was cluttering my room for years and the big candy stand my dad brought home this summer for my sister because he secretly wants it for no reason. My parents especially my dad thought it would be convenient to treat my room as a warehouse … Continue reading

Travelling around Canada and the US for less than $500.

I found the cheapest and slow way to travel around Canada and the US;the Greyhound bus. I can go all the way from Montreal to Vancouver or to San Francisco for less than $500 and it takes me 3 1/2 days to get there… It’s very long. I might plan to travel around in the US someday and taking the Greyhound bus will be … Continue reading


My main problem right now is being on time in everything from my personal life to school. I realized I need to have purposes in life to make myself more productive. I made some goals to achieve next year and it`s nothing new which are to: 1. Travel and learn more about my country Canada and my … Continue reading

Going the other way;the way I want

The future looks bright and I’m anticipating good changes along the way. I don’t believe in waiting for the New Year to make changes in my life. A quote I heard from Will Smith two years ago saying something like: “When you are waiting for something like the New Years to change, that’s just an excuse for not … Continue reading

Lazy bum + upcoming show

Lately, I’ve been lazy with things non-related to school. I bought a dress online that didn’t fit me properly and I have 14 days to return it…. I didn’t return it because I was so tired and I keep forgetting about it until it’s too late. Here my $50 down the drain. Usually, I don’t … Continue reading