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A new theme for the New Year

I’m a little late on that but doesn’t matter. I want to choose something colorful but not too much that I will blind the reader trying to read my blog. This theme is my favourite so far. Looking back at my trips, I can’t wait to go back to the one thing I love the … Continue reading

Late birthday pictures

Here are the pictures of my sister’s birthday I was suppose to post a few months back but got too lazy :

My first raw chocolate cake attempt

I’ve been reading a lot about raw food lately and I went to a raw food restaurant a few weeks ago. The experience at the restaurant has been great and I’m a raw food addict right now! I’m thinking of incorporating raw food in my diet sometimes this September or October. For now, I want to … Continue reading

Honey, I shrunk the pores…. I LOVE YOU!!!

I just recently received this product that Fran have been raving about! I bought so many products online but I am taking a break from it all from now on. Many of the products that I’ve been ordering have not disappointed me at all! This product is called Honey, I shrunk the pores and the … Continue reading

An update on my skin

There have been ups and downs on my skin for the past month and a half but lately, the scars have fade more and more. Many of my red spots are reduced by more than 50%!! Great isn’t it? I’m not breaking out as much as I used to but I still get a few … Continue reading