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See you next year August!

Summer in August has been wonderful! It was often warm outside and I could finally wear some of my summer things… Summer would’ve been even better if June and July were warmer. I guess it is the late arrival of the warm weather. These past few days, the weather has been rather cool as Jeff puts … Continue reading

Stop gossiping!

When Kenneth and another guy were talking about my brother attempt at entering the business department in Concordia… Or some sort like that and he is bad in math, my bro’s Korean friend were telling us to stop gossiping and he is right. Of course… He’s my bro’s friend so it is completely normal for him to … Continue reading

Thinking about the possibilities

Some days, I feel like staying somewhere else… Anywhere but here. My cegep days are about to come to an end in a matter of months and I feel like I need to make a decision somewhere in my life; should I study in another province other than Quebec? Maybe out of country? I feel like I need some changes … Continue reading

Finding my personal style part 2

Pratical and simple yet stylish… This is what I want! I did not shop during my first week in school and I am planning on only going on places to check out their sales if they have them. If I have time I will check out forever 21 to see what they have to offer. However the month … Continue reading

Trying something new

I wore a long t-shirt with a vest over it and denim legging today. These past few days, I have a zebra faze… I love the white and black pattern of the zebra… Especially on pants. The outfit itself is pretty cute but I really hate how my legs look in that outfit… It looks perfectly … Continue reading

First day of school

I woke up at 8:25 am… Well I was planning on waking up at 7 am. I couldn’t sleep till 4 am because my head keeps turning. My first class was Algebra and the teacher doesn’t make any sense. I giggle a bit because I thought it was funny that he tries too hard to … Continue reading

Forever 21 in Montreal?

Holy moly!! I thought I was just dreaming when I saw a forever 21 store that’s not open yet at St-Catherine, I was wondering… Is it? Nooo way! Well… Yes way! It has finally arrived!! The clothes are amazingly cute but the quality sucks. It’s what we call fast fashion for cheap. I wonder how people are going … Continue reading

Finding my personal style part 1

For two years, I’ve been looking for a style where I can be comfortable in and I’ve been searching ever since. It goes like this… First semester in College: I tried wavy permanent hair for the hell of it. Got tired of my straight hair and always admired those chicks who have  naturally wavy hair. … Continue reading

The word budget

Yes, I’m letting this scary word out!!! I’m just kidding… For someone like me who loves to spend spend spend on whatever she desires,this will be extremely hard. Many find it restricting, it is not. In the end, it has its benefits. The plus is we get to really spend on things we TRULY want such as … Continue reading

DIY: Turn old jeans into shorts

I have a couple of jeans that I haven’t worn for awhile and most of them are about one to four years old. Many of the jeans are flare style which I barely wear them anymore and I’m more into bootcut, staightleg and skinnies nowadays. Also, I’m in need of shorts now because it is … Continue reading