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Happy Halloween!

I’m hoping to get my hands on tickets to see the Rocky Horrorr show tonight! *cross fingers* I bought a Lush moisturizer called Enzymion to solve my oily skin problem. Will review about it later… Advertisements

Recording my voice

I recorded my voice through a small microphone on my laptop today and first time I hear myself speaking, I sound retarded. Now I understand why people can’t understand or find me irritating sometimes, I have a way of speaking that sounds like those dumb bimbo or something… Yeah,I’m criticizing my voice and who cares. It’s one of … Continue reading

Critique me, please.

To have someone critiques me, is one of the greatest thing I can do for myself. A lot of people I’ve talked to don’t like to be criticise because they think the person is putting them down, I used to believe that but not anymore. I want to improve myself, and one of the best ways is … Continue reading

100% natural? Maybe not…

These days, I’m buying… – Natural tea tree oil shampoo – Natural LUSH soap bar – Natural cleanser, toner and moisturizer – Natural body moisturizer Am I going all natural? Maybe… I use less chemical on my skin = less worry about what things I’m putting on my skin. Lately, I’ve been buying Fig and leaves soap bar from LUSH to shower everyday. … Continue reading

Next destination: Québec city

The main city of the province of Québec, also hold the same name. I’m heading to this historic city this winter!

Going back to French

Lately, I’ve been talking French a lot more than I’m used to with strangers and with people I know who also speaks it. It’s really nice to know that I could still easily speak this language that I’ve learned for almost 14 years, but I still have a lot of troubles with grammars. It’s time to relearn the grammar again and read more … Continue reading

20 days till Halloween

Decorating a pumkin for Halloween is something I’ve tried once a few years ago… I remember having a lot of fun carving it. I just hope I’ll get to do it this year! A few cool pumpkin decoration online:  


In Autumn, Mont-Tremblant is one of the best places in Quebec to go. The surrounding covering with colorful maple trees from the mountain view is so beautiful! After seeing so much green this summer, it’s a nice welcome change. My friend and I don’t have enough time to climb to the top, we only got there half way. Neverthless, we still have a nice … Continue reading

Being a woman

I always admire women… The ones who oozes class and intelligence. They intrigue me with their confidence, it’s very sensual and sexy. I hope to be like them someday ~ Here are some women I admire very much: Tamia: Lauryn Hill: Beyonce: Divine Brown: Christina Aguilera:

Smiling at the world

Mid-term is here, people are stressing out and they see me smile. It seems like yesterday when I think school has much more importance than everything else in the world. It’s my future… yet I’m so calm and collected. Come a little closer, you’ll see I’m stress out too. Travel has made me realized that school, … Continue reading