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Lack of variety

My wardrobe is boring… Yes, I get moments like this when I’m bored of my wardrobe because there’s not as much variety as I like. Before I post finding my personal style part 3: My inspiration, I’m going to refered to some points from my previous one I post last August. Artsy accessories: I love details on my accessories such … Continue reading

Oyster season

Two days ago, Eric showed me how to eat oysters… The uncook version. It’s my first time eating them and I love it! I wish I could eat that much but I only ate 12!! I’m thinking of buying some for my godbrother to tried it… He might like it. Another clue on what I’m … Continue reading

This isn’t your look

I love expressing myself through all forms… Photography, writing, clothes, hair, drawing,etc. I may not be great or amazing at it but I enjoy it. The way I dress is the reflection of who I am. My shyness makes people misjudge me but seriously, who are you to judge who I really am and think … Continue reading

Casual Thursday

This is what I wore yesterday. My looks change from times to times but the way I dress is always comfortable, casual and practical. I never dress too girly… Maybe you’ll catch me someday wearing something casual and really feminin but not today.

Sister’s birthday

Yesterday was my baby sister birthday and she just turned 12 on September 12th. For her birthday gift, I brought her to Laronde and bought a gold flashpass so she could enjoy as many rides as she can. It’s my first time buying a flashpass and it’s hella expensive but worth it! Our waiting time was … Continue reading

It still feels like summer

The weather is still beautiful outside but autumn is fast approaching and leaves on the trees are starting to change. Today I wore a black t-shirt, white flowy dress and a pair of white hoop earrings… A weird combo but it has this tomboy and feminin side mix to it. This mix and matching is what … Continue reading

Sticking to my goals

I promised to… Work hard in school to get really good grades in all my courses Go to gym at least 3 times a week Attend all my mini-courses (Yep, I sign up for them!) Do housechores Be more confident and more true to myself Save money!! Another clue of  one of the courses I … Continue reading

Something to do

A lot of people say that we should take advantage of our youth and not waste it… I wholeheartedly agree with this statement and I feel like I should go to school and learn something fun too; that’s why I am signing up for YMCA and some mini courses on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Some … Continue reading

Boost your confidence

http://studentcharade.blogspot.com/2009/09/boosting-self-confidence-5-top-tips.html Top 5 tips on how to boost your confidence… Interesting. Seeing the positives in life As I grow, my perpective in life has gotten broader and I see more of the positives than the negatives. The secret? Never stop learning. Not only in school but in everything I do. Read a new book, try a new … Continue reading

Growing up

Hitting two decades last June got me thinking lately… I did a lot of stupid choices/mistakes in my life and it won’t be my last. There’s always room to learn from our mistakes and to improve ourselves. This semester, I’ve noticed that I’ve been less hyper as I was before and that should be good. I’m … Continue reading