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Style update

Comes spring, I’m going to shop for clothes. I’ll try to push my comfort zone more this time and buy clothes that are a little out there. The 70’s style is coming back and I’m thinking of buying blouses, skirts and shoes. Maybe a spring coat in a flashy color… We’ll see. I’m thinking of … Continue reading

Do you know…

all the hatred you feel toward a person is draining your energy and make you less productive in life? It’s funny to be watching a person hating on another they barely know. First impression counts but do keep an open mind that a person might not be what they first appear to be. If you insist they … Continue reading

Cute casual

I would probably dress someone like this I don’t know if I can pull this off because it looks too young for me. It would be great if someone else can pull this off because it’s cute.

Let your imagination runs wild

If I have unlimited wardrobe options…

Shopping: Back to basics

Last friday, I went shopping for some funky tops and skirts. Total spend: $70 This friday, I went shopping for the basics (denim jacket, long black scoop neck top and a v top t-shirt). Total spend: $130 A lot of changes I’ve gone through in my life are mostly reflected with the way I dress. Even if we’re … Continue reading

Lack of variety

My wardrobe is boring… Yes, I get moments like this when I’m bored of my wardrobe because there’s not as much variety as I like. Before I post finding my personal style part 3: My inspiration, I’m going to refered to some points from my previous one I post last August. Artsy accessories: I love details on my accessories such … Continue reading

Casual Thursday

This is what I wore yesterday. My looks change from times to times but the way I dress is always comfortable, casual and practical. I never dress too girly… Maybe you’ll catch me someday wearing something casual and really feminin but not today.

It still feels like summer

The weather is still beautiful outside but autumn is fast approaching and leaves on the trees are starting to change. Today I wore a black t-shirt, white flowy dress and a pair of white hoop earrings… A weird combo but it has this tomboy and feminin side mix to it. This mix and matching is what … Continue reading

See you next year August!

Summer in August has been wonderful! It was often warm outside and I could finally wear some of my summer things… Summer would’ve been even better if June and July were warmer. I guess it is the late arrival of the warm weather. These past few days, the weather has been rather cool as Jeff puts … Continue reading

Finding my personal style part 2

Pratical and simple yet stylish… This is what I want! I did not shop during my first week in school and I am planning on only going on places to check out their sales if they have them. If I have time I will check out forever 21 to see what they have to offer. However the month … Continue reading