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Shopping: Back to basics

Last friday, I went shopping for some funky tops and skirts. Total spend: $70

This friday, I went shopping for the basics (denim jacket, long black scoop neck top and a v top t-shirt). Total spend: $130

A lot of changes I’ve gone through in my life are mostly reflected with the way I dress. Even if we’re not interested in fashion, the clothing we choose and wear reflected a part of our personality and our taste. It also sends out a message to other people about who we are as a person. Clothes are one of the many ways to communicate to people about us and it’s also a way to express ourselves as an individual in society.  When we walk  into a room, the first thing a person will notice first is your appearance and by this, he/she will form an impression of you. Many people feel those who cares about what they wear and look are unintelligents and very materialistics because well… You’ll see fashionista girls in movies lacking knowledges in everything other than fashion. That’s not the point, if you concentrate on looking presentable or looking good (hehe), you gain confidence in yourself and you’ll be ready to face other areas in your life. There’s always people who will cares more on their looks but it’s only a small percentage of them compare to the rest of the well dressers who acts normal.

I always love clothes shopping because I get to mix and match clothes to my liking and when the combinations turn out beautifully, I feel like I’ve made an art. Sounds strange to say but it’s true. When I make a beautiful outfit combinations that suits me well, I feel and look like a walking art. I also feel like I could take on the world.

If people see how I dress in the past and in the present, I’ve changed. I’ve been through an evolution in the way I dress, and I think I’ve found my niche this year.

Let’s look at my dress history a bit:

0-8 years old: I wear clothes that my aunt brought me from her China and Hong Kong trips. She said I used to dress cute. When I look at the clothes I wore very young, she was right.

8-11 years old: I dress very bad. My mom will buy me clothes to go out that looks like pyjama and other hideous clothes (purple shirt and orange pants anyone?). I didn’t have any fashion sense.

11-12 years old: I spend a year or so wearing black and white combinations. Sometimes, I would wear all black from top to bottom and wear my white sneakers.

12-14 years old: My brother will tell me to dress originally and not follow others style. Then, he told me to buy clothes his girl friends wore (the gangster era). I’ve become very confused, I didn’t know how to dress originally and I thought I had to please others at the same time because well… My brother contradict on what he is saying.

14-16 years old: I got fat at 14 years old, my cousin (considered stylish) told my brother that tight clothing does not suit me but sporty and baggier styles do. I follow her advice and I start dressing sloppy with everything larger. My confidence was very low at that time, I would hide from my brother’s friends because they would talk bad about me after seeing me.

16-18 years old: Less baggy and a little form fitting. Since the stores don’t sell baggy jeans anymore, I buy clothes a little tighter.

18-21 years old: A friend tries to help me. I guess I open myself to the world of fashion and style where I try to wear tighter jeans/pants, 1/2 jeans, skirts, shorts, flats and high heels. At this stage, I wasn’t very confident in I wore and at some point, I start getting obsessed in my personal style.

21 years old – present: I backpack to Asia. My style has become sporty. I shop around Asia to find clothes I could wear on my trip and it has, thus, been incorporated into my wardrobe to wear. When I got back from my trip, my taste has changed. Instead of going to the usual “casual” look like cardigan, flats,skinny jeans or whatever items College students wear, I want a more hip casual look. I think I am leaning more into buying different kind of clthes and add an international flavor to my style. I am more open to graphic clothes (Shirts, skirts and shorts) to makes a nice personal touch to my casual outfit. I’m still in the process of buying items and trying to mix and match them to get the image I want. I think this time with this mixture of style, I am also aiming to gain a style that looks effortless on me. Something that looks very stylish but yet, don’t look try hard. I also believe in dressing modesty, meaning not too much skin showing.

 One of the lessons of dressing I learned is: I can’t please other than myself, if I feel and look great in the clothing I wear, people will see that.

So why do I give my title the name: Shopping, Back to basics? I am not only buying anything I find artsy or pretty…I am going to concentrate more on shopping for versatile items to use them as my base for my new found style.

I’m going to use polyvore to look and create outfits in order to gain more ideas and inspirations for my style.

I create this simple outfit I can see myself wearing everyday, something quite simple with a pop of color. I love the british bag and I hope to find something like that somewhere in Montreal or abroad.



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