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Personal style

Lack of variety

My wardrobe is boring… Yes, I get moments like this when I’m bored of my wardrobe because there’s not as much variety as I like. Before I post finding my personal style part 3: My inspiration, I’m going to refered to some points from my previous one I post last August.

Artsy accessories: I love details on my accessories such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, belts and bags. However, I want them to fit perfectly to my outfit and not overwelm it with my accessories.

Casual: I want to dress effortless and not try too hard. Not much heels for everyday wear… Mostly flats shoesI’ll be wearing to school.

Conservative: I don’t want to go all out and show people everything. I want to have a classier approach of showing my skin. What I mean is I’ll show my legs and hide the upper part kind of thing.

Tomboy: This faze of mine ain’t over yet. I love to have this sporty/tomboy feeling in me. I won’t wear heels that much…

Cute/Appealing look: I like to wear cute stuff. I’m opting for more skirts of all kind and to have cute t-shirts combo. Also some nice flats. http://theclothes.blogspot.com/ is my idol in this.

Edgy: A bit of an edge to my outfit and my accessories will do the trick here. The shoes are also important… However, I’m looking to add my own personal touch in my outfits… I need to learn how to sew. These days, I’m really into studs of all kind. Will shop around to find them!

My next post will concentrate on the part 3 of finding my personal style.



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