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Cooking session

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking at Karen’s appartment lately… Here what I’ve been making: Advertisements

Poppin cookin… gotta have!

The Japaneses are smart, efficient and creative people and for reasons beyond me, they have strange ways of educating their future generation. The latest and not new invention that receive a lot of attention lately is the Do-it-yourself candies. This invention was pure genius. I thought we could build anything we want but they already have instructions and the sets ready in the box.

Cooking Chinese food

Another easy receipe from my Chinese cookbook! 🙂 Next post: Lauryn Hill’s concert!

Egg wrapped dumplings

I tried a new receipe from my Chinese cook book I bought in my Chinese cooking class in Yangshuo: My first attempt: It’s quite easy to  make and it tastes pretty good! 🙂 The ingredients I used were pork, chives, eggs, salt, peanut oil and water.

Fun breakfast

University is starting tomorrow and I’m hoping to bring some changes to my everyday habits this year. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it helps you gain energy, and we can perform better throughout the rest of the day. To be honest, I find morning meal rather boring but I do enjoy going out to eat brunch with friends. Then it … Continue reading

My tea obsession

I was not much of a tea fan during the beginning of the year but a friend I met in Mongolia who is a tea obsess rub it on me. I love teas and I’m obsessed with Moroccan mint tea, green tea and Chaï tea right now. The mint tea reminds me a lot of … Continue reading


Hot Yoga: I finally found a deal on livingsocial for Hot Yoga at $25 for unlimited month at a Yoga center somewhere at Mont-Royal. I don’t know which month I will start yet but hopefully soon! I’m thinking of buying my own yoga mat. I can’t do that… yet. 🙂 Cooking: Going to start cooking again tonight! **UPDATE** I manage … Continue reading

Food from all over the world: China

This second post will be dedicated to Chinese food from China. With little Chinese I know, I had a hard time reading the menu and my choice of food wasn’t that great at the beginning of my trip in China. Luckily, I met a few Chinese people who introduce me to good food… I feel so … Continue reading

Skincare: From chemical to natural

Those days are gone when I rely too much on chemical to take care of my skin… Natural products are taking much more places in my life. My next post will be dedicate to my history of skincare. I received my raw chocolate today!! Woooohooo!

Back to cooking + raw food!

I’ll be doing more cooking in the future and learn more about raaaw food! My cooking goal: make “delicious” stew and soups. Perfect for the cold season! I love raw food but I can’t eat it all the time because it’s expensive for my current budget. I bought my skincare at Fran’s shop again and found out she is selling … Continue reading