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Everyday is a lesson

Last night, Karen and I came back from Québec by train. Initially, we were three (A guy name Simon, Karen and me) visiting Québec. Simon was suppose to be our tour guide for the whole trip because a few years ago, he attends a University in Québec and he knows the city quite well. As a result, he leads us to places and we follow him mindlessly.

During the second night, something happens between these two and the guy left us at 2 in the morning. The two of us continue on our trip without him and it went by smoothly. Many of our time are spend in Vieux-Québec and in the Carnaval obviously. There isn`t much to do there beside walking around. This trip was, to be honest, very educative went he was gone. I didn’t like following someone because I felt like a tourist and the thought of travelling with a couple makes me feel like the third wheels in the group. I somehow feel like the guy doesn’t want me around during the trip; it was later confirm that I was right. The rest of our trip,we ask directions from hostel staffs and the locals on where to get to certain places. We get to ride the ecolobus, taxi and the ferry. By the end of our trip, we know the old Québec well enought to find shortcuts to go to our accomodation. It was quite an experience and we both grew from this.

However, I felt there are times Karen didn’t feel comfortable travelling just the two of us. Probably the thought of leaving her comfort zone makes her feel uncomfortable and there are times, she lets go of her fear and starts enjoying herself. Beside my terrible sense of directions that must have worry her, we were doing quite fine.

Other than that, I learn a few tricks on how to read the map. My travel expense in total is close to $180 for three nights in Québec and I’ve saved quite a lot of money eating in the hostel. Hopefully, I will get better as I travel more in the future.

Here is a quote I live by everyday:

“You learn something every day if you pay attention.” – Ray LeBlond

What I mean by this quote is experiences don’t need to be something as big as travelling. Every little things happening in our live is a lesson to be learn such as reading the newspaper, watching people, etc. Just being curious of your surrounding is a form of education itself. I remember a conversation I had with Karen about how she’s trying to gain a lot experiences in a short amount of time by doing certain things. Does experience has a time frame where one is ready to experience some things and some things they are not ready? I don’t believe in it as much. I believe a person can experiences anything and as much as they want but in a healthy way. A lot of people in their 20’s, I find, are playing their life too safe, and avoiding anything uncomfortable or different. I guess in the end, some turned bitter at the world and some are just satisfied. We’re all different. I always believe that if people are just open to any challenges in life or something different from them times to times, they are going to learn anything. It doesn’t have to be travelling, getting into a relationship with a different person or anything of this sort. Anyone can learn as simple as hearing the story of a person and what they’ve learned. It could be just spending more time with your family. Everyday is a lesson if we pay attention.

Here are the goods from this weekend (Old Québec and Québec Carnaval):

Next Québec destination: Unknown

Next trip: New Orleans on spring break (Feb 21-25), there is a possibility that a friend will come with me on this trip.



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