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Post-trip reflection

Sorry for not posting as much as I usually do…

I wrote something on Facebook that pretty sums up what I’ve been thinking lately:

Having a moment of conflicts between the inner and outer self about things as I took too many leaps on my path. That dream is getting closer but I’m completely going insane. My body is telling me to stop but my soul is telling me to go forward. She’s telling everybody she regrets all this, but hell she’s not. “Get ready” – She said. “As the next step will lead to many criticisms but you know who you are.”

I feel like my life is going into a crazy spiral… Everything in my mind is changing so fast that I’m losing track a bit. Am I lost in my own reality? No… I somehow feel like I’m going forward with my life and enjoying the present much more.

Another quote that stuck by me before my New Orleans trip:

“Let’s not be mediocre in our greatness. Think big and think in dose; think in experiences. Don’t be afraid of experiences that teaches you.” – Lauryn Hill

I feel fearless in what I do… like I feel alive. My family is telling me to stop but I can’t. I have plans ranging from education to life challenges that I want to do that it’ll be foolish of me to stop now. It seems I’m not the only one moving forward, my god brother is doing the same thing as well and a few others friends. “You’re only 21” I keep telling to myself. Already, I feel like I’m an old soul in front of people my age. In a way, it’s crazy.

New Orleans have been treating me quite well. I love the fact that a random person can say hi or how ya doing to me and it’s the “normal” thing to reply back. It’s a city where random conversation can strikes up anytime. To be honest, I never felt alone for once… It just feels like everybody is having a good time and they are easy going.  This city is not for the shy! It’s full of great jazz music, friendly people and delicious food.

Many of my conversations with people have helped me improve my communication skills and I manage to connect with many of the travelers and locals. Sometimes, I will strike up a conversation with street sellers and have them tell me to come back so they’ll treats me for some sodas. It was amazing! I guess I was the odd ball there as there are not a lot of asians travelling alone in New Orleans + I’m a girl + very young looking, you got yourself a strange little traveler. I love it nevertheless!

Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken of New Orleans:

More pictures on the way…



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