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The best quality a person can have

Tomorrow, I’m leaving for Toronto by bus around 9 pm to take my flight to New Orleans at 9 am. I already pack most of my clothes but I’m not sure if I’m bringing a duffel bag or a suitcase with me. I’m staying there for four days and I have a little idea of where and what I’m gong to do there.

I must have mention this a million times already but I want to talk about a quality I found on a few individuals that have inspired me to achieved a fulfilling life. The best quality a person can have is the ever need to be better than they are right now; individuals who are always looking for ways to improve themselves. I’ve encounter these people a few times in my life, they breath positivity and a zest for life, it is amazing. The first thought that comes in my mind when I met them was that I want to think like them.

I’m not exactly a positive person all the time but I found out the greatest achievement in life and to ourselves is to always keep changing to be better. People who takes challenges and welcome changes in their life, are usually satisfied in their life.

These days, I feel I’m getting better at coping with life changes and I’m reaching out for more improvement in the near future. I’m definitely going to look for ways to improve my writing skills. At the moment, I feel my  vocabulary words have extend and I felt much more comfortable expressing my thought much more clearly and I’m hoping to see a lot more improvement in the future.

Here is Lauryn Hill when she was 25, speaking in front of the audience from High School, about her life experience and the music industry. I love her honesty and her genuine attitude on everything. Don’t mind the constant mention of god, I’m not religious but what she said, it makes sense.



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