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What to do in Montreal

Shambala Tibetan restaurant

One of the places I wish to visit someday is Tibet. I had a project on Tibet in one of my past courses in Cegep and I immediately fell in love with the place. It’s definitely on my list to go in the near future.

To further spark my curiosity of the place, I went to a Tibetan restaurant in Montreal near Sherbrooke metro before Lauryn Hill show, I got to eat some of the food I read about from Tibet. It’s really good and I think I took in too many calories and greases that day.  The price is quite reasonable (ranging from $2.50 to $13).

Blue cheese soup (Yummy):

Butter tea (contains a lot of butter and fat but it’s not as intense as the ones from Tibet):

Momo (It looks like the Chinese dumplings I used to eat but this one is a bit different than the ones I’m accustomed to):

Beef curry with rice (Yummy but I was too full after the soup, momos and the butter tea and I had a hard time finishing the curry):

If you guys are interested, here is the address: 3439, rue St-Denis corner Sherbrooke




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