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Crash and burn… Getting back up slowly after

Here I am just thinking, what did I do all summer? I spent the month of May living by myself at Atwater metro. Other than not having a job when I left the house, I have a hard time talking with people and let alone, trust them. How did it happen? Usually, I don’t have that much difficulty but lately, I didn’t open myself to anyone at all. At the end of May, my dad came to drive me back because I was literally burned out from this experience.

The last streak that almost destroy my state of mind and what make me feel even worst than I was feeling right now is when I decided to help my parents out at their new grocery store. I went to see a psychologist last Tuesday to see what problem I may have, and she told me that my situation at home may have caused me to shut myself down to others. That was part of the reason why.

Another reason a friend of mine told me, I may have many experiences outside of Montreal. Despise all this, I still lack a lot of interaction skills many people have acquired since their childhood. It’s true I never really like being in a group or hang out with more than two people. I guess it’s time to change this… I`m going out to socialize more.

Currently, I’m taking drawing classes with my siblings, looking for a full-time job, made my application at Lasalle College for the Travel Agency night course and I’m attending a Catholic church to help me open up to others. I’m still deciding if I should attend the last volunteering meeting tomorrow for the Matsuri festival at 2:30 pm. or spend more time at the church event. A huge part of me wants to attend the Matsuri featival…well… Because I went to Japan last year and I may be able to open up to people more easily. Not to mention, I love Japan. Hehe!!

Welcome to my recovery period… I’m going to gain more experiences around Montreal then I’ll move out of the house for good. I’m going to plan this better… and more responsibly.

Wish me luck!!



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