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Reinventing myself while having fun at the same time

I haven’t been up-to-date with my blog lately because I’ve been busy searching for jobs, attending dance classes and catching up with friends. At the same time, I’m trying to adjust to the whole living on your own and doing summer school study. So far, it has been two beautiful months full of experiences and learning about myself… Is it time to reinvent myself? Yes. But not the looks this time but my lifestyle.

I believe one should live life reinventing themselves when the time called for it..The ability to improve, learn and adapt to changes are what make us happy. Instead of dwelling on the past memories, we can make it better today. I used to be very shy back in Elementary, High School and Cegep. The past two years, I decide to backpack and to talk to more people who are different than me. Now, I can say that life was good back then but this one is much better because I have conquered part of my shyness and I got out of my shell a bit more.

Reinventing myself takes dedication and most importantly, patience. I am excited to see what change I’m going to experience this summer as I predict it will be closer to the dream person that I want to be.

For the rest of my summer vacation, I’m excited to see where my life will take me.



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