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The process of growing up

Not much have been going on in my daily life at the moment. Many of the changes I’ve made have all been inside of me. In a matter of weeks of being away from my family, I could speak my mind more effortlessly. It’s funny how moving away from my family have a positive impact on the way I act… However, I still have things to figure out on my own to actually say that I’m sure of what is going on.

My friend told me I’m growing up. Really? Does the fact that I feel different and probably strange in my own body really means that I’m maturing. All these years, I thought I’ve grown but I haven’t experience something like this.

No matter how great it sounds like, I have to learn to deal with people I live with and my surroundings  from now on. In a sense, I am beginning to feel the need to have a strong sense of community where I want to do things not for myself, but I want to do things for others as well. Ever since I know how to take care of myself, I feel ready to take care of others. In another word, I feel like I could help others.

Here is a beautiful song from Damian Marley, Nas and K’naan – Africa must wake up



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