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Building a strong base

Lately, I’ve been living in other places temporary because of a recent incidence I have in my family and I decide to not live with them anymore. One of the reasons is thaat I felt I should move on to the next step of my life and I want to be better prepared for the future. I have never been taught  by my parents on responsibilities nor they teach me anything about life, but I am willing to fall down as many times as I get back up and to finally grow from all these experiences. I’m definitely going to move out come this summer.

A friend told me on how important it is to build a base in our life, from knowledges, experiences of all sort, and relationships to better shape our life and to make us stronger. I do agree… I also gave an example between planting a seed on the ground and planting a tree on the ground in the nature. In the end, the tree who grow from a seed to a mature tree will fare better than the planted tree who has never given a chance to experience harships of growing in the same environment. It may seem farfetch of using the tree idea but I see the seed as the starting point of my life, meaning the experiences. Everytime I do something out of my comfort zone, I planted a seed and I grow from that. 

These seeds are my base, my identity and what makes me, me. Before becoming the mature tree, I must go through hardships and see whether these experiences will break me (I die) or make me stronger and therefore, more capable of being able to become wise and strong.

All of this will be the primary base but with harships, I will build an even stronger base of my life and it will be less easy for others to crush me or destroy me. Instead of dwelling on the past like I used to, I’m actually grateful all this has happens to me as it shapes me as the person that I am today. There is no point of being angry or wishing that I could do things differently in the past, because my future all depends what I do in the present.

At last, I thank my friends for being my support for my development and I hope I also made or will make an impact on your life as well. At 21 years old, tt’s time to take responsibility of my life.



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