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Taking on more responsibilities

As days passed, I feel like a kid. Strange… But whenever I hear people talk about school and grades, I get a bit disconnected. Not because I don’t understand what they are talking about but I somehow zone out. My marketing group was talking about classes they were talking… Good but what else? Am I still being a kid for not talking about school 24/7?

A friend told me how I am not living in reality and not living within my full potential. The reason why I travel, she told me, was because I wanted to escape from my situation. Part of the reason yes but there is more to it than what is black and white which I don’t think anybody will get it if I told them I’m taking my time to figure things out. I know there is a time limit where once you get older, it will be a bit harder to learn (Yeah, so much pressure) and you have to do good in school to be able to switch to a different programs, I totally agree. That’s why I’m going to take two courses for the first half of the summer and I’ll become a real full time student next fall.  For the courses I’m taking right now, I’m going to try to get the best mark I can.

Come summer, I hope to find a job that pays me well enough to be able to move out. Find a place to volunteer and learn a new skill.

However, I should stop letting people with high expectations get to me. It’s my life, I’ll make the best of it. Thank you.



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