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Love em despite all

For months, I’ve been talking with someone close to me and I thought everything was going well for both of us. The more I’m with her the more I realized that our relationship is fading. I don’t claim to be a saint for this matter and I have a lot of bad qualities as well. However, I figure that things have taken a wrong turn somewhat and I should’ve known at the beginning when I talk to her. The thing that I learn is that she likes to talks bad about people since the beginning. Always has and always will.

I’m not even out of her lists of smack talking either, I was the topic “du jour” when my brother came over. When this realization came through, I was a bit hurt to be honest but it actually made me stronger and happier (Surprisingly, I will explain below). I was expecting this for a while and this actually came true.

The first question that came over to my head when my brother confirms she was talking smack about me while he was staying there was: Why would I let her tell me what I should do concerning my life? If all she does, is telling me what to do, and never really cares about what I’m doing. Telling me how great she is, and how much of a saint she has become recently. Most importantly, tell me how I should function in society like I couldn’t do it well on my own. I was being control without being forced to because I was weak. I came to her at the beginning, feeling lost, and wanting guidance from someone who could tell me how I could do to change my circumstance. In the end, she turns on me and made me the outcast in her family.

She said she wants to change me, that I’m 100% like my parents, and that I’m just not good enough for anybody. Then goes on to tell me which type of person I should marry, what I should study and what I should be doing in my life. Then changed her opinions a few times, telling me good things about me. Whenever I show her the good things about me, she has a hard time accepting the fact that I am my own person and not some photocopy of my parents. Now, it makes me realized how confused she is about all this. Is she attacking my whole family?  It seems very much like so and she’s letting the anger through by turning us all against each other. Her son, who is obviously confused in all of this, is having this dilemma of either liking me or not because his mother talks smack about me.

Despite all this, I still love her. Would I treat her differently after realizing all this? No. Just realizing all this, is probably the biggest step I’ve taken to ensure I have the future I want. I’m more happier now because of what Eric told me and how I finally disconnect myself fromwhat others want from me. Plans have been coming up slowly in my repertoire and yes, I’m definitely staying in the business world for good. I personally think I messed up my first year in University because I let all this crap happens. However, I am going to be back in full swing very soon.

For all the people that just got backstab:  Sometimes, people are just simply like that. Either they don’t accept you the way you are because, they never fully accept themselves or they are just doing that because they’re bored. Some like the one I’m with probably has emotional issues that are unrelated to you. In a way, they are unhappy.

Love them despite all but don’t stick around with them for long. I know it sounds contradicting but it wouldn’t be the greatest thing to hate a person for being that way. Eventually, they might come around and when it does, they could be a great person to hang out with in the future. Who knows? Life is full of surprise and people can change.

P.S: I’m loving Lady Gaga lately. I didn’t like her very much before but she has always been very dedicated to her fans and is a great vocalist.

When she announces her next album title and song:

Check out her recent grammy performance:



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