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Personal thinking

Don’t try to fix insolvable problems

I talk on the phone with Eric today to plan our next brunch. As we talk, the topic of my family problem came up… I  mention my problem in order to let it out of my system. Well, I said that I’m unhappy at the way my parents are acting up and all that crap that has been happening for years. Eric made me realized that I’ve been killing myself by trying to analyze everything and letting this problem get into my head and my life. After he told me, I felt relieved. The problem happening in my family can not be solved and will never be.

Sometimes, my brother keeps telling me that we have to do something about it like it’s easily fixable but it’s not, it could never be solved by simply doing something about it. My brother also keeps telling me that changes must be done and he was half right; that changes must be from within you. How the heck are we going to be influencial to others if we do not stick up to what we say and do? That’s why it’s important now that I work on myself and not be trying to fix something insolvable. When I finally made some necessarily changes in myself, perhaps, I will be able to influence them to want to change as well.

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi



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