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Letting go of material possessions

This summer, mst of the things in my room will either be sold or given away. That’s right, I’m going to make some space in my room and make it a sanctuary place where I can relax. What does that mean? I’m going to get rid of my drawer, desk and my night table… To create more space in my room. Quite possibly my bed too so I could buy a better one that will take less space in the room . I’m going to look for a summer job and saving a part of my money in order to be able to afford to make some changes in my room.

Am I crazy? Depends how you see it, I see it as using my space as efficiently as possible. The drawer and the desk take up way too much space in my little room that I need an alternative, I’m going to buy a bed stand with drawers included. Instead of doing homework in my room, which I hardly study there anyways, I’m planning to make the room more like a resting place.

Another thing, I always wanted to let go of many of my possessions because it’s liberate the mind. I don’t associate much with attaching myself with materials thing except pictures and letters.

And yes, I’m definitely going to adopt a little more to the zen lifestyle.

To be continued…



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