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Do you know what’s going on in your city?

A friend of mind made me realized something when she talks about her parents only watching news directly from Toronto and Vancouver. That makes me wonder if I pay any attention to local news than other cities and countries. On the other hand, my dad keeps telling me how important it is to keep up with the news for years. We never really take his advices to heart because he doesn’t follow them but he got a point, we need to be more conscious as an individual in order to function well in society.

 When I think about it, I actually do but not all the time. I do pay attention to what’s going on in Montreal and sometimes in the South Shore. I believe, knowing local and international news make a person less stuck in the box and become more well-rounded, both are important in order to feel like we’re all part of the community in a way. If we only pay attention to news elsewhere, we’ll feel somehow disconnected from society. It kinda reminds me of my French friend who only reads news from his country. Initially, he wants to move to Montreal to rebuild himself but he did nothing to mark his presence here which make me wonder if he was really ready to leave France. Eventually, he starts reading news about Montreal and he starts to take some classes so I’m quite happy for him.

I can’t stress it enought how important it is to know what’s going on in where you live. I remember how disconnected and lonely I felt in Montreal before my Asia trip because I don’t read enought news. Thus, I miss so many great events in my city and now that I discover them, I love Montreal and I felt like a Montrealer.



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