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Leave the emotional baggage at home

I’ve been bombard with negative emotions lately. I promise myself that once I hit New Orleans, I’m not going to drag the emotional baggage with me and I’m just going to have fun…. And do some catch up on my studies.

I’ve been ordered by someone close to me to listen to her whenever she gives me advices or should I say, she’s telling how I should live my life. This isn’t going to happen. I notice a strange pattern with people who haven’t explore anywhere outside of their comfort zone, tell me how and what kind of life I should lead. That person close to me also told me how my mind will keep changing because I’m young and she’s half right. We’re all going to experience change in our lifetime, it’s unevitable. However, not only the young will change but at any ages. The only thing keeping many people from changing is because they resist changes and are too comfortable in their comfort zone to do anything about. Whether they’re happy or unhappy depends entirely on the person but when we’re getting unhappy in our own world, it’s time to let go and explore.

Here is a happy song for you all:



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