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People judged. Yes but…

 I decide to be more open mind with my conversation with others I come across with in my everyday life. One thing I notice is that I can’t help to judged, good or bad about what they tell me and their actions. I’m not always okay with whatever they do, and sometimes, they might offend me. Regardless of what they did, I still accept and appreciate the way they are.

My conversations with my friend’s cousin have turned sour, partly of what I told her and what I did. Deep inside, I could feel she is judging me without it seems like she is doing so. The last time I volunteer with her, she didn’t make me feel welcome in her group. From then on, I decided to remove myself from any volunteers activities she is taking part of. I didn’t avoid her but I didn’t want to make her, the other people and myself feel uncomfortable.

Regardless of the bad experiences I had with her, I kept many of her advices close to my heart and I’ve been working on it ever since. You guys might be curious of what I told her, it was all negatives (Family and life) and she’s a positive person.  When you put these two together, you got a clash of different energy. “Opposite attracts” an ex-friend of mine used to tell me, but that’s not always the case. I agree, we do need to find friends who are opposite of us and add a variety of people in our life. One thing I learn, is that person has to be a positive regardless of who they are, what they do and how they think. Any philosophy they carry, they have to be genuinely happy.

Why did I mention my story? I finally figure out the problem I had for years. People will judged about anything and hate you because they do not understand. The others will judge, on your action, and will either dislike you for what you do. In the end, it’s not that we should go with people that simply do not agree with your actions and love you for who you are regardless of everything, that suddently you believe it’s okay not to change. The ones who give their time to get to know you, there are considerations to be taken. Questions should be asked, whether it was right or wrong you did and how it affects others. The main question, how do you feel, really? Did you hurt anyone in the process? It’s time to think about it…

Do we have a right to judge? I believe their actions are something that we all can judge but not the person itself.  Human have flaws, and are imperfect but I carry a philosophy of my own now: love them regardless of what they did but don’t encourage them when you don’t agree with what they do. I guess the best way to tell them you love them is to say: I accept the way you are but I don’t agree with what you do.

To end this post, I have included songs from three happy and positive artists.

Here is a video of Jessie J. new song Price Tag ft. B.O.B:

Rihanna song S&M:



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