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Day to day, Saving of the week

Things I’ve learned

Webinar of Joyce House

I joined Joyce House’s websinar hoping to get tips on how to save money. At the end of the webinar, the 1 hour session with her that cost me $25 was not worth it; she is very knowledgeable but unfortunatly, I didn’t learn much because many of her advices are for the US. I decided next time, I’m not going to pay for any advices because I can get it for free online.

My new cleanser

About a week ago, I decided to wash my face with honey. The result: My skin is much more soft and my blemishes are healing muvh faster than usual. Is it a good sign? Maybe. I’m waiting for my period (Where I get more pimples) to see if the honey cleansing really works. Using honey to clean my face saves me time and I don’t need to bring other skin products with me except body moisturizer, blemish cover and foundation. At the moment, the honey gets a thumb up from me and we’ll see if it stays like that during my period week.

Waiting pays off

Fran’s book “Eat away your acne” was on sale for $5 yesterday. The original price was $27 and she decides to give a big discount (over 81%) for 48 hours which ends yesterday night to all the readers. I’m definitely going to give this e-book a read once my mid-term is over.

On Wednesday, I went stores to stores to check if any of the places sell Old Spice deodorants for less than $4. The place I found was at Pharmaprix where they had a sale of two OS big size deodorants for $5, I used my $3 off coupon and both cost me $2.70. I’m not a pro yet but I’m getting the hang of it. I print out some online US coupons for my trip to New Orleans at the end of February, and I’m going to try to use them to save some money.



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