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Personal thinking

Building an identity

Like many people my age, I’m trying to figure out where I belong in this world. Who is Christina? What does she do? Where does she belong? I realized, there are more works to be done in order for me to be completely myself.

When the crowd think, act and do; part of our conscious, we believe we should follow them because they believe they know what is right and wrong. When a person stands out, many considers it bad; rebel, disrespectful, annoying, loser or whatever we put the titles on them on our first impression. Another part of our conscious, it tell us that they are just themselves. Eventually, people will accept them for who they are or they don’t.

Only when we detach ourselves from what society wants you to believe, that you can fully become you. Being yourself does not mean being unconsidered of others. I believe,what Barry Schwartz said,we all have a sense of wisdom we acquire on our lifetime that can help us dictate us into doing the right thing depending on the circumstances. Being authentically you, is not easy, we have been condition to take whatever society tells you to be that we lost our own identity. The ways we can do is to follow your inner self and listen to it consciously; follow your heart but think with your head. It might takes you months or years but you will eventually find it. If you let fear takes over, you won’t find your identity.

My identity, I sense, I’m getting closer and it’s getting clearer. Like I said, there is much work to be done. My personal image is changing as well. With a shorter do, my style of dressing is changing as well; I’m paying more attention to my body shape and I’m buying clothes that actually fit me. In a few weeks or so, I might be able to nail the first image of my style.

Forming an identity is a process. We’re not going to nail it right away nor will it come to you if you just stand there and do nothing. You have to look for it and then go for it.

To end this post, I want to spread a little love with this song by Ella Fitzgerald.



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