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Saving of the week

Update on saving money

I’ve been won over by Joyce House, the queen of saving money, from www.MissCouponDiva.com and I sign up  for her webinar event this coming Thursday at 7 pm EST.

Here is an interview of Joyce House on Philadelphia radio show:

My saving of the week:

Today, I went to Loblaws to do a little grocery shopping for tomorrow lunch. While I was walking around, I saw the Old Spice product that was on sale for $2.64. I look at my coupons I ordered on one of the rebate sites, I have one $3 off and $1 off on Old Spice products. When I bought the two coupons to the cash register,the lady refuses to give me the $3 off because the product is $2.64 and she decides to take off that amount of money and the other $1. In total, I saved $3.64 and I end up paying less than $2 for two Old Spice body gel products.  After I left the store, I realized that I was allowed to have $3 off regardless of the price of the product because the manufacturer will reimburse $3 to the store anyways. I could’ve paid $1.50 for the two products instead.

Doesn’t matter anyways, I saved $3.64!



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