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Things are making much more sense now

The first semester was a confusing period in my life, I kept wondering what the hell am I doing in these courses and what used were they to me. During class, I often daydream about anything but what the teachers are saying. I must be some kind of a bimbo in my class but I was in a state of confusion. Did I really want to become a Foreign Service Officer? Am I ready to work for a government where I have no say in anything? I felt like I was going back from the beginning; my early days in Elementary through Cegep where I was afraid of stating my own opinion on certain things. As weeks pass by, I was wondering if I should drop the semester all together.

It’s my second semester now and things are making much more sense after my Quebec trip last weekend. The program I chose wasn’t right for me… At least, not for now. Next semester, I want to start on my minor on Political Science or my elective courses to see if I like something else. Hopefully, it will gives me a clue on what I want as a career.

During the past months, I realized that I’ve been trying to fit in too much with the students. I didn’t want to stand out like I did in my cegep years because I thought I wouldn’t make any friends but now, I want to be… just me. Being me is trying new things, love to learn all sort of things and being stylish. From now on, I’m just going to do whatever I like and if I’m making friends, great, if not, who cares.

One of the artists I’ve been influence lately is Rihanna, she’s a risk taker and someone who went from being good to amazing. I feel I could associate myself to her; always changing and still remain the same.



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