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Knowing what’s best for you

I love it when people start telling me what I should be doing in my life like they know who I am, hoping they will steer me in the right directions and tell me how ready they think I am to go into the workplace. As a matter of fact, I doubt I’ve met anyone but one who is emotionally mature in their life. A friend told me how I handle a conflict between her friend in Quebec was not mature and I shouldn’t let my feelings get in the way. Was I still not mature when I drag him on the side to explain to him of the confusion that was happening? It was and it’s still mature of me to know I am wrong and to admit that. However, I didn’t need someone to tell me I am not ready to be in the workplace. The truth may be there but I refuse to let that get to me, I believe a person can change… I did. If some people refuse to acknowledge that, it’s fine by me because they will have to eventually or they will disappear in my life.

I don’t believe in putting people in boxes and study them. Not everyone are the same, not all think alike. If you want to study one aspect of them, you can but you will never get to fully understand them. Humans are complex because we feel and think differently. No one but ourselves should tell us what we should do with our life. For example, a friend I’ve talked to today told me that nobody knows what’s best for you but yourself. It was true. I notice people who tell others what they should do usually are the ones who haven’t experience much in their life to understand the complexity in this world. It’s never as simple as it looks. My curiosity of people leads me to try to get to know others without judging them, and it feels wonderful to have them tell me what they think; knowing what’s going on in their own world. In the end, my understanding of this is that they fully know what they want but they are not willing to do it or don’t know how to get it because of x reasons. From what I learn, giving advices are more effective than forcing your opinion on others; people remember advices, I do anyways.




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