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Lauryn Hill at Metropolis 23/01/11

I finally get to see Lauryn Hill at Metropolis last Sunday. The door opens at 9:30 pm and the show starts at 12:30. Three hours of killing time with Eric… but I forgave her when she came on stage. Her voice may not sound like it used to be in the 90’s but she’s still a great MC and a great singer overall.

The beginning of the concert, we see Lauryn Hill singing some of Bob Marley songs and a few remake of her songs from the album. Final Hour, Lost ones, Ex-factor and Zion sound different and lack the emotions it once had from her album. The reworked songs are still good but I would love her to sing the songs with more passion without all those instruments.

At the second half of the concert, Lauryn Hill asked everybody if we’re all fans of the Fugees. The crowd starts going wild and it gets even crazier when she starts singing some of Fugee hits: Fugee-la, Ready or Not and Killing me softly were on the list of songs she sang. There was a moment where I felt the floor trembling; the hype is here.

Afterward, Lauryn sings the last anticipated song from her album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill “Doo wop”. I wasn’t the only one who went hysterical, the crowd was too. Everybody knows the lyric and the chorus by heart; a dream come true to heard Ms. Lauryn Hill rapping and singing the song exactly how it was in 1999.

At the end of the concert, she promises us all she’ll come back for us. We’ll be hearing from Lauryn Hill again and hopefully soon. Overall, the concert was amazing. I was probably about two meters away from her, and I could see her well despite what my picture shows. What I saw is that there was a few moments where I felt how hurt she must’ve be feeling during the concert. Being three hours late for this concert and in other shows, I did criticize a bit when it gets too long to wait but I forgave her when she finally shows up. She’s a beautiful person inside and out, and seeing her become distant from times to times and on few occasions showing her true colors; I really wish she could’ve show us more passion and hurts when she sings, it would’ve been so beautiful.

Love you Lauryn Hill and I can’t wait for your new album! And please smile often like you did near the end, you have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen and it should never goes to waste.

Here some treats for you guys:

Lauryn Hill singing “Ex-Factor” live back in 90’s:

Lauryn Hill in Montreal in 2011:



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