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Refreshing the whole look

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to change my style lately. One of the things I want to do first is to change my hairstyle, I’m going to cut it very short to add more personality to my overall look. I’m thinking of going either on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

The biggest change I’ll be making is to stop cutting the back of my hair straight like Cleopatra. It’s time to start the new decade with a fresh new haircut. I’m not really sure how radical I want it to be but I want it to be more modern. I guess it’s time to go back to my asian root and cut something that suits me.

You might not believe me but I cut my hair short back then at the beginning of 2009:

And I’m going to cut a bit shorter than this. I’m not even sure if I want to dye my hair yet but I want to wait for summer to make any more changes to my overall look.

I learn that hair is the most important part of the overall look and I have to do a little effort to maintain it well each morning. What I do usually is brush my hair and I’m done for the day… Not a good idea. I’ll continue the year 2011 with taking good care of my hair. It’s one of the few steps I’ll be making to make myself looks more approachable to people.

This summer, we’ll see a lot of 70’s style coming back. I’m thinking of adopting some of the trends to my overall look and maybe, start wearing makeup.

For now,I say…

Goodbye cleopatra and dull hairstyle from 2010.

Hello, 2011 with a fresh hairstyle!



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