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Day to day, What to do in Montreal

Théâtre Ste.Catherine – Sunday night improv.

I met Xiaona for the first time in Montreal since my Asia trip last summer and I brought her to see an improvision comedy show last Sunday.


There were many talented actors/actresses on that show but what was amazing is that it is completely improvised on the spot. Many of them were able to pull off the sketch challenge so effortless that I wonder if it was actually planned in advance. For example, the guy in charge of coming up with a sketch topic threw a bunch of papers on the floor and every one of those pieces have something written in it. The two actresses have to act their part while reading a piece of paper on the floor. Both of them managed to act their way through naturally that it’s so surreal.

At the end of the show, one of the actor came up to us to thank us and encourage us come again. I’d like to mention we were the only two asians there… And I have a coupon $7 for two people. Hihi! 🙂 I’ll definitely come again because it’s quite affordable; The improv show takes place every Sunday, it’s$7 for non-student and $5 for student.



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